What franchise territories are available?

101 Mobility Available Territories and Franchise Models

Exploring your options

With 79 locations nationwide*, our franchisees have been able to capitalize on a great opportunity through 101 Mobility’s documented, proven sales process. It’s not too late for you to join in – there’s still plenty of prime territories available throughout the country.

*as of March 6, 2019

Standard Territory Model

Start-Up Fees: $118,290-$216,620
Population Size: 500,000-1,000,000+

101 Mobility’s Franchise Model allows those in larger/densely-populated areas and/or those in rural/sparsely populate areas the opportunity to offer much-needed accessibility products and services throughout a wide market. Tried-and-true, this model truly sets the standard for anyone looking for a business opportunity that caters to the ever-growing aging customer population.

Benefits include:

  • Owner/Operator business opportunity in growing market
  • In-person training and onboarding process
  • Ability to purchase multiple territories
  • Well-structured, guided and proven sales process

We currently have many Tier I Franchise territories available throughout the nation. To find out if a territory is available in your area, be sure to fill out the “Request More Info” form.